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We Bought an RV!

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

It's been a while since our last post but I think you understand why. The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed many of our lives, requiring a pivot to a new normal that is constantly evolving. Instead of engaging in a debate over the media barrage, politicization, finger-pointing, and generally bizarre behavior, I'll stick to the facts and continue to post about what's good in our life.

In the midst of Covid-19, we experienced canceled travel plans and became leary of confined space travel on airplanes and staying in hotels. Solution; we decided to purchase an RV so we could travel and stay in our own space.

At the beginning of May, we started our search for a smaller RV that would fit our needs; small enough to drive/park/maneuver comfortably while providing enough interior space and conveniences that we could live with.

We started looking at the smaller class B type vans but quickly realized that they were a bit too cramped on interior space and most were significantly more expensive than the class C’s. We liked the 24’ Dynamax Isata until we happened to find a Winnebago Navion 24’. I know, Winnebago? Never thought I would be one of those people who bought a Winnebago but you would be surprised what they are building these days. We settled on a new 2020 model D which was discounted 35% from the MSRP because the 2021’s were coming soon. The D model has a full slide-out on the driver's side making it really spacious inside. It also features a dinette and a couch, the couch is part of a Murphy bed set up that powers down when ready for bed revealing a good size queen bed. Unlike most of the class B models, the Navion D has a full-sized bathroom with a decent shower, the B’s have what's called a wet bath where the bath cabin is smaller and you generally shower over the toilet and sink, we're not doing that. On top of the creature comforts inside, the Navion D is built on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis that was updated for this year's models to improve performance and safety features, it’s more like a Mercedes car feature and comfort-wise than a delivery truck.

Once we took the plunge and purchased, we spent the next few weeks researching and outfitting with the necessary supplies to make travel and Glamping more convenient. Amazon must love us and the other new RV’ers out there. Think of it like getting your first home and having to fill it with the basic supplies needed to live your lifestyle…Dishes, flatware, pots and pans, cleaning supplies, linens, etc…

There has been a surge in RV purchases due to travel constraints in the Covid era, Our dealer said he had sold more RV’s in the first 15 days of May than he had in any other full month…EVER! He was concerned that at this pace he would run out of inventory since he would not be receiving any more until late July. Hopefully, this won’t make finding spots to camp more difficult.

Our maiden voyages consisted of two day trips up the coast to Jalama where we had lunch and walked along the beach, the second trip was with our friends AM & M who visited for the weekend. Fun and exciting to experience our new addition.

The first overnight was a one night at Lake Casitas where, in the 100 degree heat we got to try out the AC and bed for the first time. Other firsts were the hook-ups; Sewer, water and electric which were all simple and worked as advertised. We also prepared a nice first meal for dinner (actually, Mary prepared) which went smooth as well.

The next test was a solo trip I took up north to see family where the new rig performed flawlessly.

We also drove to nearby Rincon for happy hour and sunset.

So far we have two planned trips for June and early July, one to Flagstaff where we will meet our friends Dan, Lynn, Scott, and Clare who also have RV’s. We'll camp and explore the area for four nights. The second to Lake Powell where we’ll camp on the way there since it’s a 12-hour drive, then spend a week with friends on a houseboat on the lake.

Stay tuned for updates and travel posts as we experience our new mode for travel while seeing more of America.

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