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About us

My wife Mary and I were fortunate to retire early from rewarding careers in Corporate America. We enjoy travel both locally and abroad and have plans to move to Portugal or Spain in the next few years. Both of our careers were in food and beverage related industries so naturally we are Foodie's and enjoy experiencing food and drink in any location. I am an avid photographer and also enjoy time on my motorcycle especially adventure touring.  

Over the years I have learned that life's most memorable moments often happen when there is nowhere that you have to go and nowhere you have to be. When you have time to soak in your surroundings, listen to the sounds around you, engage with what's happening at the moment and really see where you are. 

It's easy to get sucked into life's hurry-scurry need to be somewhere mentality. Travel often ropes us into the same hurry and see everything mentality as we want to pack in as much on our itinerary as we can while in a place we may never return to.


When you finally experience how much more memorable and fulfilling travel can be by allowing more time to take in your surroundings, the sights, the smells, the people and the culture you are rewarded more deeply than imagined.

Anthony Bourdain wrote "Travel isn't always pretty. It isn't always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that's okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind" 

We look forward  to sharing our experiences



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