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Rincon Surf Classic - 2019

March 23-24, 2019

Rincon Classic History (

The event where legends are made, The Rincon Classic is the oldest and most revered surfing contest in Santa Barbara’s rich surfing history. Showcasing generations of the areas best surfers at the Queen of the coast, the Classic is a locals only event, serving as a community gathering each winter. To guarantee optimal conditions the Classic has a six week waiting period from the originally scheduled date. Over it’s 30 year history the event has showcased such house hold names as Tom Curren, Bobby Martinez, Chris Brown, Kim Mearig, Davey Smith and Dane Reynolds to up and coming stars, Lakey Peterson, Conner and Parker Coffin, Demi Boelsterli and Kilian Garland. For every known name there are a handful of underground rippers that will always own the line up at Rincon.

Founded in 1979 by Roger Nance, Jeff White, and a crew of local surfers, the Rincon Classic ran for 17 consecutive years before falling dormant in 1996. In 2001 the event was resurrected by Chris Keet and the Surf Happens crew to continue the legacy. Under the tutiledge of this generation the event has grown exponentially and now involves the community in grass-roots fundraising efforts.

2013 marked the 30th Annual Rincon Classic and the 13th year the event will be produced by Surf Happens Surf School. It is with great honor that we continue to run the Rincon Classic tradition for our community and we appreciate your support!

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