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Ode to Billie

After 18 years, 15 of them with us, our "Princess" Billie has passed on. A Feral cat who adopted us after hovering at our kitchen door smelling the remnants of a Thanksgiving feast she did her best to manipulate a turkey leg from us and the rest is history.

She was a scrapper, barely 8 pounds at her peak she survived the hostile wild of our rural neighborhood. Even with a bad back leg, she fended off the racoons, fox, and other wildlife until she found the comfort and safety of our home. She started by sneaking into our garage at night for shelter, waiting outside the door if it wasn't open to remind us she needed to be in there. She found a little comfort in knowing that there was food, fresh water, and shelter readily available from us. Not long after she came into the house one day and decided to never leave, she hit the jackpot finding us!

Never a "lap" kitty but enjoyed a good brushing and a pet on her terms. We will miss her "Catitude", Big voice, Loud Purrs' and love.

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