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Living in Portugal - October 2023

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

A very low key start to the month after a busy September for us. The weather was spectacular for the first half of the month with temps in the low to mid 80's with low humidity. It's been hard to think about traveling away from here when the weather is this nice. Then heavy rain and wind arrived for a few days in the back half of the month and provided some much needed rain for the Algarve.

Were off on a trip to Amsterdam at the end of the month, looks like we will be taking some of the rainy weather with us. (See the separate post for this trip by clicking here)

We found this outdoor restaurant and bar earlier this year located on the cliffs above Praia du Vau, with outstanding views of the beach and landscape of the western Algarve. We visit here for the occasional sunset or with guests when they are in town. One day when checking their hours on Facebook we discovered a picture of us as their cover photo! Recognize the back of our heads?

We attended a Wine tasting in Alvor put on by the village and a few local vintners. The tasting was held in the recently renovated Lota (Old fish market) that is now used for community events.

A festival of traditions in the nearby village of Mexilhoeira Grande.

A few days of warm currents from the east meant the arrival of these large Jellies floating in the water and washing up on the beach. Thankfully they were gone quickly.

Views from our hike above Praia do Vau

Above Praia do Mos in Lagos we hiked along the cliffs followed by a nice lunch and view at Fortaleza da Luz. A 17th century fortress that is now privately owned and serves as a private residence and restaurant.

Stormy day hike along the Alvor Harbor and Estuary. The Storks and Flamingos show up in large numbers after a rainfall, must be some good food for them too...

In case you don't know we have a world class F1 race course facility in the foothills behind Portimao. The Autódromo Internacional do Algarve hosts the occasional F1 event, and several international motorbike racing events among others. Recently the European LeMans Series Grand Season Finale, 4 hours Algarve, and 4 hours Portimao were held here and we decided to check it out. I can't that I am a racing fan but it was amazing to see the amount of money invested in these race teams from the cars to the support team and equipment, Including semi trucks that convert to restaurants for the crews use. The day we went included occasional rain showers which added a whole new element to the race.

A few photos shared by our neighbor from their recent family trip to Morocco. Apparently there is a dress code when riding Camels, Ha!

At the end of the month we headed to Amsterdam. One of the major cities on our list to visit during the "off" season and it didn't disappoint. (See the separate post for this trip by clicking here)

Barney and Sonny living the dream...

As always we hope everyone is doing well, healthy, happy, and thriving. We miss you and love you all...A lot!

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