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  • Tony

Toma Restaurant Santa Barbara

December 19, 2019.

Hard to believe this restaurant has received such a high rating based on our experience 12/19. I will start by saying that the service was excellent and the craft cocktails were great too. Where Toma falls completely flat is in the quality and execution of the food! Our two dishes the Cioppini and the Fettucini were average at best, we've experienced far better at Chase and Brophy Bros.

The kitchen crew is obviously not well trained as the plate presentations, taste, and overall basic skills were lacking. The fish in the Cioppino was in very large chunks, over cooked and appeared to be left over from the previous week. The Fettucini was swimming in a thin sauce of little flavor with what appeared to be canned smoked mussels mixed in, topped with full strips of bacon thrown on the top for the customer to cut up instead of blending bite sized or smaller pieces into the dish.

To top things off when I received my credit card slip to sign it was higher than the restaurant receipt. We were charged for someone else's (much higher) bill. The waiter was apologetic and made the correction right away but this speaks to the overall lack of attention to detail at Toma.

I'm not usually this critical but when a restaurant calls itself "Premier" I expect them to live up to it.


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