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Blue Elephant Bangkok

September 2012,

I was fortunate enough to be invited to Thailand by the Thai Consulate general in Los Angeles. The trip was designed to introduce our organization to the cultures and cuisine of Thailand in order to explore opportunities to expose culinarians in the US to the vast and unique Thai food products and ingredients. One of the restaurants our hosts exposed us to was Blue Elephant in Bangkok.

A great place to experience Thai cuisine, you simply must go here when in Bangkok! Eat, take a cooking class whichever experience works for you. They know traditional and Royal Thai and will help educate you through your palate. The food is amazing and the atmosphere fitting for an immersion in Thai culture

Cooking is one of the pillars of Thai culture. That's why Master Chef Nooror wanted to install the Blue Elephant's restaurant and the cooking school in the same building. This more than a century old mansion is just across the BTS Surasak (sky train) station. The cooking school and the restaurant are open 7 days a week and offers a real immersion in the various flavours that Thai cuisine offers, whether in the restaurant or in the cooking school, whatever the experience that pleases you. The cooking school students are from all levels and origin, Including Thai students. The cooking lesson starts with a tour of the local market with multilingual chefs, followed by your first experiences preparing Thai food in specially equipped kitchens. Each student leaves the cooking school having prepared 4 to 5 recipes and dishes with the Chefs.


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