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Birmingham Weekend and a Football Match

August 2023

A quick weekend getaway to visit friends in England and catch a Premier League Football match. Less than three hours by plane from Faro to Birmingham England where we attempted to take the train to Stourbridge and meet up with Scott and Sarah. The train was a bit of a gamble since the workers were on strike. We managed to get to our transfer station without delays only to find the train to our destination cancelled. Uber to the rescue we were able to complete our journey. We arrived to typical English weather (Although not typical for August) clouds and some sun with the occasional rain shower. It was a nice break from the heat we've been experiencing at home in the Algarve.

Our friends Scott and Sarah do International House and Pet Sitting on occasion and have spent the summer this year traveling through England doing them. Scott is an avid Football (Soccer) fan and spent most of his working life coaching and consulting for Organizations and Universities in the US and abroad. He has been a great resource in my pursuit to learn more about the game since it is the predominant sport over here. Our goal this summer was to find a higher level football match that we could attend with them that coordinated with their travels. We found one that worked with everyone's schedule while they were house sitting in Enville just outside Birmingham. They invited us to stay with them at the country home they were caring for for along with Fuzzy Bear the dog and Cat Cali.

We stayed with Scott and Sarah in a centuries old farmhouse in the English countryside. Beautiful rolling hills of farmland and narrow winding roads lined with thick brambles on either side and the occasional estate or farmhouse. Cali the cat loves to drink from the sink faucet and would jump up on the counter and sit next to the sink until you turned the faucet on

Nearby town of Kniver

We spent the afternoon walking through the town of Bridgnorth.

West Bromwich Albion baggies vs the Swans of Swansea City Wales. A much higher level of play in this league/level than at previous matches we have been to in the Algarve. The fans were very boisterous, and passionate about their team and the game. WBA won the match 3-2

A narrow boat Canal ride through the Dudley Canal Tunnel & Limestone Mine Caverns

Birmingham downtown The "Bullring" shopping area

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