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In May 2020 we bought our first RV to travel and explore safely during the Covid 19 Pandemic. Many great times and memories were made as we tripped across states and parks experiencing the sites and monuments our great country has to offer. Some of our trips were as simple as a day spent at some of our local beaches and state parks, some weeks long through California, Arizona, Utah, and the Oregon Coast. But the time came this week to say goodbye to our friend affectionately known as the "The Roadrunner".

The reality that our long-planned move to Europe is finally happening, hit hard this week with the sale of our Covid rig. As we begin the process of combing through our belongings and liquidating most everything we own, the first big thing to go feels somewhat bitter-sweet. Most people, including us, don't realize how much stuff you really have until you are charged with severely minimizing the load. As Richard Prior once lamented, people just can't help themselves and feel compelled to fill our spaces with "more stuff". Do you know what's in the back of your closets, in the boxes in your garage, in the depths of those kitchen cabinets? What about all those documents and papers you felt compelled to save for some reason. It can become a bit overwhelming to sort through it all but feels like a burden being lifted as documents are shredded, donations are made and big items are sent to their new home.

We thought we would start listing some items for sale on various websites to start the process, assuming that we would need the time over the next couple of months to move things along. I knew that the demand for RVs is high right now but had no idea that such a big-ticket item would move so quickly. In less than 24 hours of posting I had a qualified buyer and deposit, at full asking price which I thought was high. Who would have ever guessed that you could sell a traditionally fast depreciating asset like an RV for more than you paid for it less than two years ago? Oh the pandemic times we live in, some things just don't make sense although this time, in our case it worked out pretty well

Roy, the buyer, flew down from Eugene Oregon, finalized the transaction, and drove off in the Road Runner soon to make their own memories. Farewell, good friend, and thanks for all the wonderful memories. We will continue without you on our next journey as we countdown the days leading up to our Spring move to Portugal!


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